Fall Foliage

Though most of our 10 day loops can be done during any season, we tend to travel ours in the summer months. However, there is always that urge to travel during the other seasons. We have seen many autumns in NYC with the rich leaf colors in Central Park and Prospect Park. But one of the things I always wanted to see was the New England foliage.

We did some research and decided that a trip to the White Mountain region of New Hampshire would offer a broad range of hikes and drives to experience the autumn glory. We tracked the changes on this NH gov site and determined that the weekend of Oct 10 would yield peak color.

The drive up routed us through suburb Boston and through lower New Hampshire. In retrospect, this was not the optimal path, many residents of that area where heading up to see the leaves also. We also decided to bring our dogs and camp in near freezing temperatures, again a bit of naivety on our part.  Despite the setbacks, we were able to immerse ourselves into the robust reds, yellows, and oranges of the season.

We stayed outside of Twin Mountain, NH in the Sugarloaf campground, since they allowed pets. It rained most of the weekend, so we were relegated to the car for most of the trip. We followed the Hwy 302 route to Conway and stopped at many covered bridges along the way. A detour onto West Side Rd is a recommended choice.  From Conway, we followed the Kancamagus Hwy (Hwy 112) on the 50 year anniversary of its opening. This highway is known for its moose sightings, though we unfortunately were unable to see one during the whole trip. We were; however, able to stop and visit many little towns and enjoy seasonal treats such as pumpkin lattes and fresh muffins.

On our last day, we tried to take the Mt. Washington auto road, but it was closed due to fresh snow along the route. The route home took us down I-91 in Vermont and included a brief lunch break at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.

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